'Splash' All Natural Bath Salts

Mix of citruses, sunflower, dried citrus, sunflower, lava salt, basically smells like a fresh orange! 

This bright mixture is packed with citrus to keep you nice and fresh in the morning! Use Splash for an all natural way to wake up!

Run some hot water and take a soak with these all natural and amazing bath salts. With 6 different varieties to choose from you're sure to find a perfect match. Each 10oz. sleek square glass jar is packed with high quality all natural ingredients and comes with an unbleached reusable muslin bag. Either pour the salts directly into your tub for a magical and picturesque experience or for a more practical, less hassle of a bath just fill the muslin bag and let it steep.

** Splash **

Epsom, Sea and Lava Salt, along with a bright mix of Citrus essential oils, dried citrus peel, petals and poppy seeds to help exfoliate your skin while keeping it nice and moisturized! Lava salts have been known to alleviate aches and pains and is great at removing dead skin, leaving you feeling extra smooth!

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