'Enchantment' All Natural Bath Salts

Need a break from life? Close your eyes and picture yourself walking through the deep dark forest, being one with nature.

Run some hot water and take a soak with these all natural and amazing bath salts. With 6 different varieties to choose from you're sure to find a perfect match. Each 10oz. sleek square glass jar is packed with high quality all natural ingredients and comes with an unbleached reusable muslin bag. Either pour the salts directly into your tub for a magical and picturesque experience or for a more practical, less hassle of a bath just fill the muslin bag and let it steep.

** Enchantment **

Epsom, Coarse and Fine Sea Salt, as well as a blend of Rosemary, Black Pepper, Pine and Grapefruit essential oils, with a secret botanical blend including Fennel, Rosemary, Juniper and Bilberries. Bilberries are known for for their anti-aging properties, being high vitamins B, C and E. Soak through the enchanted forest, and come out feeling super refreshed and young!

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