Night in Grenada Handcrafted All Natural Bath Salts

Run some hot water and take a soak with these all natural and amazing bath salts. Packed with high quality all natural ingredients these salts create a magical and picturesque experience… like a tropical vacation for your skin!

** Night in Grenada **
Pink Himalayan & Epsom Salt
With a Mixture of Frankincense, Orange & Grapefruit Essential Oils. Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Heather & Red Clover.

Choose from either our economical 6 oz. kraft resealable stand-up bag or a smaller glass vial with real cork closure. 

Our glass vials are the perfect amount of salts for a single bath! Ideal for gifts, travel or to sample one of our varieties.

Rough Cut Soap Co. takes a natural and sustainable approach to skincare, incorporating the highest quality of all-natural ingredients and essential oils, all while protecting our environment by guaranteeing items are Palm Oil free, and shipping does not include any plastic or harmful fillers. Shop our handcrafted, artisan products with confidence knowing each item is hand blended in small batches, and hand cut (or poured!) to not only ensure quality control, but for a beautiful, organic, and artistic finish.


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