Handmade Wood Combs

The benefits of using a wood comb are incredible! The natural oils in the wood help strengthen your hair, decrease split ends, help manage frizzes and detangle much better than plastic combs. Make the switch! Your locks will thank you! 

Fine Tooth Comb:
Handmade from Sucupira wood, this beautiful premium quality fine toothed Wood Comb with handle is perfect for your daily hair care. The comb will provide gentle and non-scratch treatment of the hair and scalp. This hardwood comb can massage your scalp to stimulate and release natural oils throughout your hair.

Pocket Comb:

Green Sandalwood is a very durable South American Hardwood. This dense green colored wood has a very distinctive natural fragrance. Heartwood color can range from a pale yellowish olive, to a deeper forest green or dark brown to almost black. The color tends to darken with age, especially upon exposure to light. (Caution: this wood is highly susceptible to heat, please keep in cool place) Size:4.3 in x 2.2in x 0.47in

Dual Beard Comb:
Sucupira wood is a strong, durable South American hardwood with a medium/dark brown to a reddish brown color. This hardwood is consistent with color and grain texture. Size: 5.1in x 2.2in x 0.47in

Horn + Wood Comb
Handmade from Green Sandalwood and buffalo horn, this beautiful premium quality hand inlayed hair comb is perfect for your daily grooming need. Buffalo horn naturally contains keratin which reduces static electricity, increases smoothness and allows natural oils of the hair to remain on the follicle in turn promoting shine. Size: 5.9in x 2.1in x 0.31in

Note: Each comb has an unique pattern of color and grain variation.

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