Simple Gift Giving

December 14, 2017

Simple Gift Giving


Simple Gift Giving

One of my good friends every year takes what she was given at an in-laws house and promptly drops it off at Goodwill the following week. She says it’s simply stuff she won’t use, and only remains in her house out of guilt. A few years ago she vowed to not keep holiday “stuff” just because it was given to her. If you’ve had a similar experience, or just want to avoid the passing of “unnecessary things” this holiday season, here are some gift ideas for family and friends in your life that are practical, simple and easy to assemble.

The key aspect to not passing around more “things” that just create clutter, is to gift consumables. Consumables are anything that you use up rather quickly and are pretty necessary or used daily. See the list below for more great gift ideas.

  1. Toiletries - Luxurious soaps, or bath salts
  2. Drinks - wine, beer, champagne, sparkling cider etc.
  3. Cooking or grilling spices - practical spices like oregano, basil, or turmeric, a nice bottle of vanilla or almond extract, or grilling spices
  4. Craft, sewing, knitting, or scrapbooking supplies - items that would be used like needles, thread, yarn etc.
  5. Coffee - Pick a high-end brand or put an assortment of flavors together.
  6. Hand or Boot warmers - These are great for someone you know who loves to hunt, fish, or hike.
  7. Fruit and nuts - A great assortment of tasty fruit and nuts assembled by you!
  8. Music Subscription - A year subscription or gift card to Spotify or iTunes
  9. External Hard Drive - Although this is a “thing” it’s very useful for anyone with kids. You can now store every photo from your phone onto an external drive. This way it actually creates less electronic clutter.
  10. Meats - Smoked salmon, or a nice cut of salami or sausage with a box of crackers can be a great gift and easy to put together with a few quality cheeses in a box or gift bag.

For aesthetic value, it’s important to pick a theme with minimal decoration. The theme will suggest where or what the gift will be used for. For example if gifted hand warmers, buy coffee and trailmix, pick a few pine needles, glue it to a brown paper bag and now you have a hiker’s gift bag. Suggesting the activity with the theme of the gift makes it even more memorable and thoughtful. Here are some suggested theme ideas:

  • A girl’s night in - a bottle of champagne, berries, and a Netflix subscription
  • A calming morning routine: coffee, a journal and some quality pens
  • In Home Spa: bath salts, bottle of wine, and a candle
  • In Home Grill Master: Assortment of grilling spices and favorite beer
  • The Perfect Morning Hike: Coffee, trail mix, and hand warmers
  • In Home Italian Chef: Spice plants  like Basil or Oregano and a bottle of wine
  • Keeping Memories: An external hard drive, and an empty photo album

You can do a lot with just ribbon, a box, or a plain gift bag.  

The last part of the gift is the most important. Write a handwritten note explaining what type of experience this gift will bring and why you are grateful for this person in your life. To be generous during the holidays can be very simple if you think of the person specifically and you notice their daily needs. A gift can be practical and thoughtful.

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