Mud Mask Monday - Using What's Available In Your Own Backyard!

Mud Mask Monday
Using what's available in your own backyard! 

I love this flower mask recipe because not only is it pretty, it really does work! The combination of soothing oats, healing flowers and detoxifying clay make this mask an absolute must have for this Monday. It’s so simple to make and most ingredients can be found in your garden and kitchen.

So what makes this mask so great?

Almonds – packed full of vitamin E, Biotin and Copper - Almonds help with your skins connective elastin and collagen keeping your face firm. B vitamin biotin is needed to maintain healthy fatty acids leading to soft and supple skin.
Lavender – Helps fight acne, promotes healthy blood circulation and works to balance out oils in the skin....and smells aaaamazing!
Calendula - Aside from stimulating healing, calendula oil can significantly boost the appearance of your skin. It can affect blood flow to the skin cells, provide antioxidant protection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and ages spots, and even the visibility of scars. Calendula is a magical flower used in so many skin care products and routines…..I’ll touch base on this flower again! It grows like a weed and a very east flower to add to your garden.
Chamomile – Chamomile is known as a moisturizer, which also reduces puffiness and soothes skin irritations. Has a calming affect.
Rose – No secret with this one! Rose has been used for centuries in skin care products. Contributing to skin toning and moisturizing and helping you keep that young soft glow.

If you wanted to add a little extra to this mask, try a small amount of essentials oils to the finished paste! (Just a drop or two) All four of these flowers smell amazing, and blend harmoniously, but as far as your pocketbook is concerned you may want to stick with lavender. 

By growing and harvesting your own flowers you can save money and have the confidence that you know just how healthy the plant is.  Avoiding sprays, synthetic feeds and other additives help leave you with organic flowers and herbs that are perfect for a natural skin care routine. 

Flower Mask Recipe:

1 cups Bentonite Clay
1 cup ground oats.
1/4 cup ground almonds.
1 tbsp. each dried lavender, rose, chamomile and calendula ground

Pour all ingredients into a Mortar and start grinding away with your pestle, the goal is to get this as fine as possible. After you have your mask well blended scoop 2  tbsp. of face mask blend into a small container and slowly add a small amount of water until you get a nice pasty consistency. You can safely store the remaining dry blend in a jar for later. Throw your hair up, wash face and apply to skin avoiding eyes and mouth. Relax and let the mask works its magic! 15 minutes later wash off mask with luke warm water, pat face dry and listen for a very quiet voice (your pores!) saying THANK YOU!

Would you like to share your cute little creations? Find a lovely old jar or a couple glass vials and top the blend off with a few whole flowers. Add a love note and you have a fantastic useful gift to give!


You can find all the flowers needed as well as the Bentonite clay at Mountain Rose Herbs.
My personal favorite, they have a very large selection of herbs, clays, salts and other skin care additives many being wild crafted and certified organic.

Hope you (and your skin) love this mask as much as I do! Till next Monday!


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  • Mary Braukman says...

    Thanks for the recipe!!! I think Monday is a wonderful day to give yourself a quick pamper to start the week!

    June 26, 2017

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