Mud Mask Monday - Seaweed Edition

July 10, 2017

Mud Mask Monday - Seaweed Edition

Mud Mask Monday
Seaweed Edition


This mud mask utilizes the magical powers of sustainable Kelp and Bladderwrack seaweed to draw out impurities leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and straight up amazing!

Kelp, also known as common seaweeds have been traditionally used to detoxify the body both internally and externally. And the even better news is that kelp is a very sustainable plant. It grows exceptionally fast at rates of 20 inches per day. So when it is harvested just a few feet from the surface, it can grow back fully within 10 days! Seaweeds are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals: Kelp has been shown to contain 46 minerals, 16 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and 11 different vitamins. Prominent among the minerals are iodine, salt, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The lead vitamins in kelp are vitamin A and niacin.


Bladderwrack is actually one of the most common types of seaweed found in the oceans. Some of the other names of Bladderwrack include Red Fucus, Rockweed, and Black Tang (My personal favorite) 


French Green Clay comes from France and is known for its terrific oil absorbing properties. It has a fine texture and is commonly used for color and and oil absorption in facial masks. The light green color comes from decomposed plant matter and iron oxides. It’s best suited for oily skin types.

1 tsp Sea Clay (also known as French Green Clay)
1 tsp Bladderwrack
1 tsp Kelp Powder 
Approximately 1 & 1/2 Tbsp. warm water
Check out Mountain Rose Herbs if you need a good source for any of these ingredients!

Mix good

My face needed a good scrubbing so I'm using 'whole' Bladderwrack pieces (as you can see in the jar above) You can easily substitute this for Bladderwrack powder for a smoother mask.  


 Today's Selfie

I'll tell you right now, this is a pretty ugly mask and you gotta be able to tolerate the seaweed 'smell' because this mask is STINKY! The mask feels good and you get a very cooling sensation at the beginning. It's hydrating and takes a while to dry, I washed off at 25 minuets-ish. Unfortunately this mask is not as easy to wash off as our last one and I recommend timing this face mask before you hop in the shower. I will say, even though it was smelly, difficult to rinse off and made me look like a warty sea creature I'd do it again!

My skin is crazy clean and feels incredibly soft. Love seaweed as much as I do? Get your fix! Try my new Seaweed N' Mint Bar or an old classic Reef Bath Salts 

Seaweed N' Mint is only here for a limited time, Summer time! When the season is over this soap will phaseout making room for Fall scents - so don't wait! 



Give this one a try, tell me what you think! 

See you next week



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