20 Clutter Free Gifts for Women

November 15, 2019

20 Clutter Free Gifts for Women

Are you hustling and bustling to gather together all the things this holiday requires? Are you wishing there was a simpler way to gift giving that didn’t require long lines at the mall? There is, and these gifts won’t create excess clutter. As we enter the gift giving season, don’t forget that gifts don’t always have to be things. Gifts can also be novel and useful at the same time. Here are a few types of clutter free gifts that are perfect for women.

Clutter Free Gifts for Women
Clutter Free Gifts for Women on any Budget

Service Gifts

Providing a service, can be the perfect gift for a busy lady. Who wouldn’t want their entire house cleaned, a pedicure, facial, extra childcare or their freezer stocked with healthy frozen meals for their family?

Service gifts can even help support a local business, or can be provided by your own skills (like cleaning, or cooking).

Expert tip: If providing a service gift, it is best to decide on a date that the service will be completed. This way you are accountable and the gift receiver can anticipate the service, like a clean home.

Consumable Gifts

Consumables are anything that can be consumed by the receiver. Items like coffee, tea, wine, beer etc. The idea is that the gift will be consumed, shared, and enjoyed without requiring a place to store, put, or organize in the home. Consumable gifts are almost guaranteed to be useful. When was the last time you didn’t drink coffee gifted to you?

Expert Tip: To make consumable gifts thoughtful, pay attention to what the receiver actually enjoys. Does she like ecofriendly soaps as self care, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine, a scented candle for a hygge evening, or a strong cup of Hazelnut coffee? Whatever the case, make the gift personal by paying attention.

20 Clutter Free Gifts for Women

20 Clutter Free Gifts for Women
20 Clutter free Gifts for Women

Here’s an easy list of 20 clutter free gifts for women. These are roughly organized least expensive to most expensive. See “expert tips” for creative ways to fit the gift into your price range, or make it even more thoughtful and unique.

1. Meal Prep or Home Cooked Meal

Meal prepping or cooking a meal is an incredibly thoughtful gift and service, especially to a mother. Cooking with small children, can sometimes feel like just one more task to complete after a full day of work.

Meal prepping could be done on a Sunday, and given for the next week, prepared and frozen for the recipient, or just dropped off at dinner time.

Expert Tip: Decide on a week, or day that this service will be provided. This way the receiver can anticipate a pre-made meal for her family and truly relax.

2. Weekend or Evening Childcare

Offering childcare for a mother can feel like a vacation. A day off from parenting can be the best service gift, and especially enjoyable during the holidays, when other family tasks are piling up.

Expert tip: Decide on a date, or a repeat service so the mother can anticipate the time to relax. If you are the spouse, do the life admin task of arranging childcare. This too, is a gift.

3. House Cleaning

Walking through your front door to a clean and clutter free space welcomes a relaxing and happier home. Providing house cleaning over the weekend would promote a fresh start to the week, and a very thoughtful and useful gift for any lady.

Expert tip: This service could be provided by yourself, or you can buy it from a local business. Not everyone is keen on other people seeing their own home’s mess, so make sure this gift would be willingly received. If you are the spouse, do the life admin task of arranging for house cleaning.

4. E-book for Kindle

The latest thriller from her favorite author, a whimsical fantasy novel, or her favorite self-help guru text could be a great gift for the book nerd. An e-book version doesn’t take up any space in the home and is delivered instantly.

5. Chocolate/Sweets

A fresh chocolate croissant, favorite cake, chocolate, or baked good could be a great gift for the woman with the sweet tooth.

6. Movie Tickets

Tickets to the movies can create an evening event that might have just been spent on the couch in her pajamas. Movie tickets can be bought easily online, which saves you a trip to the theater.

Expert tip: Buy her favorite candies or snack to go along with the tickets.

7. All Natural Soy Candles

Candles are a necessary ingredient for cultivating a relaxing hygge evening. They also are considered a consumable, since they can be used up, and the glass can be recycled, or re-purposed. All natural candles would be the perfect gift for any lady, who just wants to relax at home with a book, movie, hot coco, or glass of wine.

Expert tip: Pair this gift with her favorite drink, movie, or book.

8. Wine/Beer/Spirit/Coffee/Tea

Speaking of wine, chilled white wine, a great bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, her favorite spirit, or even beer could be the perfect clutter free gift for the woman with friends to share with. Coffee or tea are equally comforting.

Expert tip: A gift card to her favorite coffee shop can turn a consumable gift into an event.

9. Fresh Produce

Who wouldn’t want a basket of fresh seasonal oranges, or miscellaneous citrus during the winter months? Seasonal fruits and veggies could be a consumable and clutter free gift for the health conscious lady this holiday.

Expert tip: Pair the veggies with a soup recipe.

10. All Natural Soaps

Soaps, especially those that are chemical free, are essential for self care, but also useful. Giving soaps is a guaranteed gift that will be consumed and enjoyed.

Expert tip: Give the soaps with Epsom salt, and a face mask. Now she has an entire relaxing bath experience.

Rough Cut Soaps

11. Favorite Restaurant Gift Card

Instead of a home cooked meal, you could also just purchase a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

Expert tip: If the woman is a mother, arrange for childcare on a night she is free. Now, you’ve taken the life admin task off her plate too.

12. Massage

Our bodies often hold onto stress and a massage can be the ultimate release of tension. Anyone would welcome this opportunity.

Expert tip: Try to choose a location that is convenient to the receiver.

13. Manicure/Pedicure or Facial

A little self care can go a long way with anyone who doesn’t have the time over the holidays. Paying for a manicure and pedicure allows for a quick pick me up during the weekday or over the weekend.

Likewise, our faces usually hold tension from the stresses of the day. A facial provides a relaxing environment, and rejuvenates the skin.

14. Lessons

Perhaps you notice your friend always mentioning she wants to learn how to play the guitar, be a better cook, try painting, or improve her writing? Buying lessons could be the spark to her creativity.

Expert tip: Choose lessons that will fit her busy schedule.

15. AirBnb Gift Card

The gift of travel is an easy clutter free gift to invite adventure. An airBnb gift card would take the expense of staying in a hotel out of any trip.

16. Subscription to Audible

Anyone who is busy loves a good audio book. It allows you to listen while also completing tasks like cleaning, or driving. Buying an audible subscription would allow for audio books all year long.

Expert Tip: In case a full year is out of your price range, audible gift cards are available as well.

17. Subscription to Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix

This would provide entertainment all within the comfort of her own home. Subscriptions are usually bought for the whole year.

18. Live Theater/Symphony/Music Tickets

For anyone who loves live theater, or music, tickets to the next play or event can be an experience she will eagerly anticipate. Many theaters perform holiday classics around Christmas. Buying tickets to her favorite band or performer can be just as exciting.

19. Shampoo, Cut, Color and Blow Out

A full package of hair care complete with a blow out is a treat many women don’t allow themselves. Giving this at her favorite salon is useful, thoughtful, and enjoyable.

Expert tip: In case the full package is out of your price range, buy a gift card to cover the shampoo and cut.

20. Personal Stylist Package

Personal stylists are no longer just for celebrities. In fact, stylists can actually help save money in the long run by simplifying and focusing her personal style, or even creating a capsule wardrobe. Plus, it’s a lot of fun (speaking from experience)!

Expert tip: If the stylist is out of your price range, ask directly for a modified package. Perhaps there is a closet audit, that could be arranged to help clear clutter and focus future purchases?

Final Words

Literally Simple - Minimalism for Women

Thoughtful gifts do not have to be tangible. You can give services and consumables that will not create clutter in closets, cupboards, kitchens, or a garage. Thinking about giving in a different way just might help you choose the perfect gift for the women in your life. Happy Holidays!

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